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Sunday - 31/01/2021 20:55

As the leading technological university in Vietnam, HUST offers many undergraduate programs, covering almost fields of science and technology. The career-oriented undergraduate programs are regularly innovated with the focus on learner support, flexibility and international integration.
Currently, HUST offers 65 undergraduate programs leading to Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science and Technology, Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Arts (in Economics and English Language), divided into 3 categories:

For detailed description of each program, please view HERE.

Standard programs

  • HUST offers 44 standard programs with 4 years of training and accumulated 132 credits. 
  • Since 2020, bachelor students can register to Integrated Bachelor-Engineer Programs [4+1.5 model]; Integrated Bachelor – Master Programs [4+1.5 model].

Elitech programs

ELITECH programs (the acronym for Elite Technology Program) belong to ELITECH Project, an educational project on training high-quality human resources in the fields of science and technology prioritized for socio-economic development. The Elitech Programs aim at excellent students who aspire to become excellent engineers, experts and managers in the core technical and technological disciplines of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era.

Elitech Students are facilitated by:

  • Studying in small classes;
  • Being guided by excellent teachers with intensive program content and advanced foreign languages;
  • Participating in research and work in interdisciplinary teams right from the early years;
  • Involving in solving practical problems of enterprises right in the learning process.

Elitech programs include the most elite academic programs with a long history at HUST namely: Advanced Programs, Talented Programs, Vietnamese French Programs (PFIEV).

Joint international programs

Recognizing the importance of internationalization in higher education, HUST was among the first Vietnamese universities establishing joint international programs with many internationally accredited universities in developed countries namely  Japan, Germany, France, the United States of America, Australia, UK, New Zealand…

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