HUST built the first Alumni House in Vietnam

Saturday - 30/07/2022 03:02
HUST Alumni House was built to bring together generations of alumni, to connect alumni with current students and the university, thus promoting innovation, creation, and entrepreneurship.
The BK Alumni House
The BK Alumni House

Hanoi University of Science and Technology organized the “Alumni House Inauguration ceremony” on July 30, 2022, to introduce the building to all alumni, students, staff, business corporates, and partners.

This event is an opportunity to publish the great achievements of the HUST community while strengthening the tight between alumni and students under this shared home.

In this ceremony, 6 Alumni Associations in Da Nang city, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, Electrical System major, Vietnam - Japan IT Engineers Program, FPT Corporation, Hanoi Beer - Alcohol - Beverage Corporation (HABECO) are founded.

 Leaders of the University and Alumni representatives cut the ribbon to inaugurate the building

‘HUST Alumni House symbolizes more empowerment…’

“Many Vietnamese universities have alumni networks, but none has a separate building dedicated to alumni. With this alumni house, HUST expresses its special care and attention to generations of students who have studied at the University,” Dr. Nguyen Quan, Chairman of HUST Alumni Association, affirmed the important role of the Alumni house in the university’s goals and mission.

Dr. Nguyen Quan, Chairman of HUST Alumni Association, speaking at the Inauguration Ceremony

"This building symbolizes more empowerment in the context of HUST’s striving towards comprehensive autonomy. It establishes the alumni’s strong connection and facilitates generations of HUSTers’s involvement in the university activities such as providing support in training, research, entrepreneurship, and career guidance for current students,” he emphasized.

This is the first alumni house built at a Vietnamese university. The Alumni house project was approved on the occasion of the University's 65th anniversary. Starting in January 2022, the project’s total budget is about VND 3.6 billion (more than USD150,000), which includes the significant contribution of many successful alumni.

On the route connecting Tran Dai Nghia Gate to the Parabolic Gate, The Alumni House lies at HUST’s center. Next to Tien Lake and Ta Quang Buu Library, HUST's prominent symbols, the Alumni house has 4 facades with separate and airy spaces.

The main space on the first floor is designed for exhibition and event organization for the alumni network. Alumni Café, Alumni Association Office, and BK Fund startup investment fund are also located here to welcome generations of alumni and former teachers.

HUST President, Assoc. Prof. Huynh Quyet Thang asserts that it is generations of HUSTers that make the University stand out, “HUST has always been a pioneer in the Vietnamese higher education system. We are always proud of our tradition, HUST people’s personalities: simple, sincere, individually respectful but solitary. We work with devotion, dedication, with the desire to explore, innovate and achieve breakthroughs.”

The Alumni House project focuses on promoting activities around 4 main areas: entrepreneur collaboration, graduate and entrepreneur connection, research order and solution development, and experience sharing for current students.

In particular, HUST plans to cooperate with alumni businesses to support a one-term internship location for students enrolled in a specialized engineering training program. The specialized Engineering Degree is equivalent to a Master's degree according to Vietnamese law. It is built on the inheritance of the traditional engineering program’s advantages and the quality enhancement to ensure practicality and reliability according to international standards.


HUST start-up innovation incubator

The Alumni House also built the "Entrepreneurial Innovation Incubator" area to support and incubate groups and start-up businesses. This is also a place for experts and alumni to share experiences, and support consulting and training for research groups, startups, and passionate students in the HUST community.

Scientific research product exhibition on the 2nd Floor of Alumni House during the Building Opening Ceremony

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the alumni guests were allowed to participate in the product exhibition of HUST students, researchers, and start-ups invested by BK Fund, HUST Innovative Startup Investment Fund. These products received positive feedback from successful entrepreneurs in the network.

The very first event on entrepreneurship and innovation - The open Innovation Day Seminar - was successfully held at the Alumni House right after the inauguration ceremony. The event has attracted dozens of investors interested in the products of HUST alumni, students, and researchers.

The first prize product of the Young Innovation Contest 2020 is presented in front of investors at Open Innovation Day

Open Innovation Day is organized to connect alumni businesses with students' scientific products to find partners to continue developing products.

The seminar also created favorable conditions for exchanges and direct connections between investors and potential research groups and startups.

HUST Alumni Association was officially founded on the occasion of the 59th Anniversary of the University's establishment. Since its establishment in 1956, HUST has always maintained its position as the leading technical university in Vietnam. With the influence of international integration, HUST continuously improves its training qualities and scientific research capacity to become an autonomous multidisciplinary research and innovation university with a high reputation in the region and the world.

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