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The E-library Ta Quang Buu was officially put into operation since October 2006 with an area of 15,000 m2 and modern equipment. The E-library sets up reading rooms with an area of 100 to 500 m2, equipped  with  150  computers  with internet access, enabling staff and students to search for electronic documents. 

Working hours

Four reading rooms

  • Monday to Friday: 8am to 9pm
  • Saturday, Sunday: 8am to 4pm

Other rooms: Monday to Friday

  • Morning: 8am to 11:30am
  • Afternoon: 1:30pm to 4:30pm

Library resources and services

Rooms and services: 

  • 04 reading rooms
  • 01 periodical service room
  • 01 Thesis/disseration room
  • 01Multimedia room – Free access to digital resources and the Internet
  • 02 Circulation room – Textbook and Reference books
  • Consultation booking service



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