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HUST Academic Model from 2020

Based on Decree No. 99/2019/ND-CP dated December 30, 2019 elaborating and providing guidelines for some Articles of the Law on amendments to the Law on Higher Education, HUST renewed its Education System in the direction of flexibility, international integration, and maximal support for career-oriented learners: 
HUST academic model has been renewed and applied since 2020 for the Cohort 65 as the following chart:

Fig. 1. Renewed Academic Model (Applied from 2020)

Accordingly, HUST offers 3 major academic models from Undergraduate level:

  • The [4+0] model: 4 years for traditional bachelor programs.
  • The [4+1.5] model: 4+1.5 years for integrated bachelor-engineer programs.

These programs aim at students who would like to develop their career in industry and specialized technical fields. The content and structure of these programs are designed similar to engineer programs of most of technical universities in developed countries.

  • The [4+1.5] model: 4+1.5 years for integrated bachelor-master programs.

These programs aim at students who are interested in R&D or academic research jobs after graduation (Master of Science Degree).

HUST Academic Model before 2020

Before 2020, HUST offered 4-year Bachelor programs, 5-year Engineer programs.

Fig. 2. Previous Academic Model (before 2020)

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