Student clubs

Thursday - 24/11/2016 14:55

Exams and life stress you out? Join HUST student clubs, where you can find people sharing the same interests as well as chances to understand yourself and your passion.

All student clubs at HUST are operated by students under the support of the Student Union – Student Association, offices and schools. Each club operates according to the students’ demands, interest and passion. They are the place for our students to learn and practice essential skills in a variety of fields.

At HUST, there are nearly 60 clubs specializing in different disciplines, 30 of which are operated on a regular basis:

Academic and professional clubs:

Student Scientific Research club;
Young students with IT club;
Model car club;
English club;
Japanese club;
Marketing club;


Marketing club

Reading book club

Sports – Performing arts – Recreational clubs

MIC Music Club;
HUST Book lovers club;
HUST bamboo flute club;
Karate club;
Guitar club;
Cheer leading club;
Volleyball club;
Basketball club;
Aerobic club;
Female football club

Some clubs:

Guitar club

Japanese club

Women's football club

Men's volleyball club

Men's basketball club

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