Toyota Technological Institute hosts a a two-day online seminar

Thứ năm - 09/06/2022 20:10

TTI invites international students from partner universities for a two-day online seminar comprised of Engineering

Lectures/Laboratory Introductions and Keynote Lecture.

Seminar Theme “Virtual Visit to TTI”  


Day 1

August 23


12pm – 5pm JST 

  • Keynote Lecture
  • Engineering Lectures

Day 2

August 24


3pm – 5pm JST

l Engineering Lectures

Financial Support:

  • No tuition is required.
  • Preparation of tools necessary for the Seminar, mainly a PC to join Zoom meetings, is at the participants’ own expense.

More information:


HUST students who register for the Program are requested to send the application form to the TTI International Relations Group < và cc email <>

Deadline: 30/06/2022


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