Mission, Vision and core values

Saturday - 26/11/2016 16:28


A commitment to human development, high-quality workforce training, scientific research, technological innovation and knowledge transfer that serves our country and global society.


To become a leading research university rooted in the technical and technological fields; to make significant contributions that develop a knowledge-based economy and maintain national peace and security; and to be a pioneer in growing and sustaining Vietnam’s higher-education system.


1. Academic Excellence - Effectiveness: We are committed to academic excellence and optimal effectiveness throughout every aspect of our university

2. Dedication - Commitment: We value the dedication and full commitment as the greatest values of generations of HUST staff and students.

3. Integrity - Respect: We value integrity in professional and social life, respect for dignity, regard for our laws and regulations, and respect for the diversity and inclusivity of our community.

4. Individual talent – Collective brainpower: We value the success of the individual creativity and talent as key elements for successful breakthroughs - while also valuing the power of collective brainpower to ensure sustainable innovation and growth.

5. Inheritance – Creativity: We ensure that innovative and creative thinking, based on quintessential intellect, inherit existing achievements and promote traditional values.

Author: TT TT & QHCC

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