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The Talented Program in Intelligent Electronics System and IoT

The Talented Program of Intelligent Electronics System and IoT is designed to train high-quality workforce in Electronics and Telecommunications, which is one of the key fields of  the Industrial Revolution 4.0, with high demand in Vietnam and worldwide.

In this program, students will receive training in both technical knowledge as well as soft skills opening opportunities to become highly-skilled engineers, experts, and leaders in the following areas:

  • Research and development, design, and manufacturing of smart electronics systems such as IC design, Embedded Systems and Application Electronics systems in Telecommunications, Medicine, Control and Automation focusing on intelligent applications like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning.
  • Development of hardware and software platforms, and applications for Internet of Things (IoT) and future telecommunication systems.

All the courses in the Talented Program of Intelligent Electronics System and IoT will be given in Vietnamese. The training program includes following modules: Mathematics and Fundamental Sciences, fundamental knowledge of Electronics and Telecommunications, social knowledge and soft skills.

Moreover, from their 3rd year, students will have internships in industrial environment as well as in Laboratory research projects with faculty members at SET Research Center 

Admission Code:

Admission quota: 30 

Acquired Knowledge and Skills after Graduation


  • Students will be able to apply multidisciplinary knowledge acquired during the program for designing, simulation, implementation, operation, and evaluation of smart electronics systems, products and technical solutions in the field of IoT field as well as  Electronics and Telecommunications industry.


  • Capabilities and competences regarding problem solving, critical thinking in design, implementation and operation of smart electronics systems, products and technical solutions in IoT field and Electronics and Telecommunications industry
  • Essential skills and competences to become leaders and experts in the future
  • Essential soft skills for efficient working in an international, and multi-profession environment.


  • Fluent English in general and professional conversations with minimum TOEIC score of 600.

Scholarship opportunities

Training programs and opportunity for higher study

  • Bachelor program: 4 years

  • Master – Bachelor Integrated program: 5.5 years

  • Bachelor – Master – Ph.D Integrated program: 8.5 years

In addition, students will be able to participate in the dual degree programs of the collaborated universities under the following models:

  • 2 + 2 Model: the first 2 years in HUST, the last 2 years in Wollongong University, Australia for dual Bachelor degrees of two universities

  • 4 + 2 Model: the first 4 years in HUST, the last 2 years in Telecom ParisTech, France for dual degrees:  Master Degree of HUST and Engineer Degree of Telecom ParisTech

  • 4 +1 +3 Model: the first 4 years in HUST for Bachelor degree, 1 year of Master degree in HUST, the last 3 years of PhD degree in KAIST, Korea. Students completing the program gain obtain Ph.D degrees of two universities

Scholarships and Financial supports

Apart from scholarship of HUST, students joining the Talented Program of Intelligent Electronics System and IoT may receive:

  • Study scholarship and exchange scholarship from entrepreneurs and universities collaborating with HUST-SET. The total amount is 3 billion VND/year
  • Exchange scholarship and post graduate study scholarship
  • Fresh-graduates will have chance to apply scholarships for foreign study in US, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Korea, etc.
  • 20-30% of total graduates receive scholarships for oversea study.

Career opportunities

100% of graduates either go on to employment or further study

Typical jobs

  • R&D engineers in IoT field and Electronics and Telecommunications industry.
  • Designer and Developer of Network Optimization and Management, Operators of complex telecommunication systems
  • Designer and programmer for Computers and Smart Electronics Devices as Smart phones, Robots, Cars, Digital Television Modems, etc.
  • Tester of Computer and Smart Electronics 


Dr. Pham Nguyen Thanh Loan 


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