Smart and nano materials.

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Advanced Program In Material Science And Engineering (Conducted In English)

(Download the program cirriculum HERE)

General introduction

Advanced program “Smart and nano materials” is an English-language training program that following programe of the University of Illinois (USA) ranked 20th in the world in materials field (2018). "Smart and nano materials" using for industrial direct service 4.0 especially in the fields of computers, electronics, aerospace, 3D printing technology, biomedical materials, new energy ...

The training process is closely linked to the Faculties and Institutes of Materials of Illinois (USA), Toyama, Nagaoka (Japan), Chungnam, Ulsan, and UST (Korea). Many graduate topics are co-instructed by foreign professors.

A. Training Options

Students can choose the appropriate training options

  • Bachelor - Engineer: 4 - 4.5 years
  • Bachelor - Master: 5.5 years
  • International co-ordination with the university of Korea and Japan (the last 2 years of overseas training)

B. Outstanding academic conditions

  • Using the syllabus and lectures of the University of Illinois
  • Students learn and perform simulation of materials on the latest software as well as practice on mainframe systems
  • Practice in modern laboratories on nanomaterials equipped with electronic microscopes such as FE-SEM, TEM, laser heating furnace, vacuum furnaces up to 2000 degree celsius, directly fabricated advanced nanomaterials (carbon fiber), shape memory alloys ...
  • Students can access, learn and participate in research projects on the latest materials in the world, combining seminars, international seminars at schools
  • Students can be given priority to receive financial support from the University.
  • Have the opportunity to practice, exchange short-term at universities in Korea, Japan ... with 100% supported funds.

C. Competence at graduation

1. Ability to work in the company

  • Direct participation in the process and technology of manufacturing materials on micro and macro.
  • Optimizing material selection in the process of designing products and machines to meet economic and technical criteria.
  • Use simulation in production activities.
  • Strategies for material trading and machinery production and quality assurance according to domestic and international materials standards.
  • Quick adaptation to the working environment and international integration.

2. Ability to work in research environment at home and abroad

  • The advantage of becoming a lecturer in domestic universities with the prestige of Hanoi University and Science and Technology and School of Materials Science and Engieering.
  • Participate in projects of research, development and application of national and international materials, support the planning of material development strategies.
  • Developing research orientation with the prestige of leading professors for advanced study (master, doctor) in the domestic and international.

3. Foreign language

  • Good use of communicative English and specialized English has been trained for work.

D. Job opportunities - Advanced study

1. In the country

  • 100% of students have jobs after 1 year of graduation with popular salary: 10-12 millions VNĐ/month for material engineers.
  • Become lecturers and scientists at universities and research institutes related to materials.
  • Engineers of design, research and operation in domestic and foreign companies and corporations in materials-related fields such as computers, electronics, aerospace, 3D printing technology, Biomedical materials, automation...

2. International

  • On average, more than 30% of students in each post-graduate course have received scholarships to study in the United States, Japan, Australia, Korea, Canada...
  • Positions of engineers and researchers in materials research and development research institutes or in R&D centers of Korean, Japanese and multinational corporations.

3. Typical recruitment units

  • Typical recruitment agencies are: Vingroup, Viettel Group, Samsung Group, Hoa Phat Group, Posco companies, research institutes and many other material trading companies.
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