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Monday - 10/12/2018 00:44

Excellent Engineer Training Program in Industrial Informatics


  • The Excellent Engineer Training Program in Industrial Informatics was built based on the Engineer Training Program in Industrial Informatics at National Polytechnology University of Grenoble, France.
  • This program was designed to provide the basic knowledge of modern industrial systems and smart and flexible control and automation systems.
  • Upon graduation, students are granted an appendix from the partner school that is accredited to the equivalent of a Master's degree from the partner school after graduating from the mixed board of committees and achieving English and French proficiency as required.

Job position

  • Admin in Information system, networks and telecommunications
  • Development Engineer of information and network and Telecommunication service systems
  • Researchers in Research and Development departments of businesses, government agencies, Research and Training Institutes in Information and Communication Technology
  • 100% of students have jobs after 6 months of graduation. According to the 2017 and 2018 program graduates survey, the salary right after graduation for domestic graduates is about 13 million ++ VND / month; (graduates working abroad have a salary equivalent to that of graduates in the host country)

Study abroad and scholarships opportunities

  • Students have the opportunities to receive a graduation project internship or transfer scholarships at partner university (Grenoble-INP, France)
  • Students have the opportunity to receive scholarships and financial support from the HUST and partner companies / organizations.
  • Students have the opportunity to participate in internship programs, student exchanges with European countries, Asia (knowing 2 English and French languages allows students to access more exchange programs). Students learn under the guidance of teachers from major universities, taking courses organized in conjunction with major universities around the world.
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