Mecha - Facts and Figures

Monday - 10/12/2018 01:12

Advanced Program in Mechatronics Engineering conducted in English

(Download the program cirriculum HERE)

Apply knowledge of math, science, and mechatronics engineering to formulate and solve the problems. Conduct experiments, and analyze and interpret the resultant data, design components and mechatronics systems which integrate computers, sensors, and actuators in mechanical system to meet design needs, and design experiments to evaluate system performance with respect to specifications.

Mechatronics is the study of design  of intelligent system and products in which mechanization and control requiring sensing, actuation are combined and controlled by computer to archieve improved product quality and performance.

This program have met the requirements of AUN-QA since 2017

  • Undergradute:                         4 years
  • Undergradute-Engineer:        5 years
  • Undergradute-Master:           5.5 years
  • Undergradute-Master-PhD:  8.5 years
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