Call for 2023 Net Zero Tech International Contest @ Taiwan

Wednesday - 31/05/2023 00:19


  • Encourage school teachers to research and develop net zero and negative emission technologies.
  • Assist school teachers in cultivating young talents in net zero and negative emission technologies.
  • Promote domestic and international net-zero technology experts to connect and cooperate.
  • Establish a "Net Zero Carbon Emission Technology" information platform and a technology exchange network among industry, government, academia, and research institutions.
  • Enhance social consensus on energy conservation and environmental protection.
  • Contribute to implementing the four transformational strategies of energy, industry, life, and social system.
  • Create a professional and effective technology creative competition with "Net Zero Carbon Emission" as the central theme.
  • Faculty and staff
  • PG students
  • UG students
THEMES: Net Zero Tech, including:
(1) Renewable energy (wind energy, solar energy, ocean energy, geothermal energy, hydrogen energy, advanced energy)
(2) Advanced energy storage systems, energy-efficient and low-carbon emissions
(3) Negative carbon emissions, carbon capture, storage, and utilization technology
(4) Electric vehicles, energy-saving motors, green transportation
(5) Waste disposal and purification technology, zero waste and circular economy, green building
(6) Energy-saving technology (production, manufacturing, residential and commercial buildings, green building design, and lifestyle)
ORGANIZER: Center for Global & Community Engagement on behalf of TECO Technology Foundation, National Taiwan University


The registration period: March 1, 2023, to June 30, 2023
Registration method: go to link: (Click on the English page)


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