Toyota Technological Institute (TTI) JAPAN Research Internship Program in Academic Year 2023

Wednesday - 01/03/2023 21:58
On-site research internship with scholarship. Intern students are allowed to audit courses when permitted by TTI supervisor and course lecturers. No credit granted.
Toyota Technological Institute (TTI) JAPAN Research Internship Program in Academic Year 2023
Minimum of 30 days (including weekends), up to 9 months
From July 2023 to March 2024
*August and December-January each include 10-day holiday at TTI.
*TTI scholarship is granted for up to 90 days. Intern students can engage in the program longer (up to 9 months) based on mutual agreement with TTI supervisor. The expenses from day 91 onwards are to be covered by the intern students themselves. 
  1. To be enrolled in a doctoral, master’s, or undergraduate program at TTI’s partner universities. Since the internship is focused on research activities which require certain level of background knowledge and initiative, undergraduate students need to have at least one year of research experience in a relevant field.  
  2. To have good academic results. Graduate students in a master’s program and undergraduate students are required to have either 
    1. Japanese proficiency – equivalent to JLPT N2 level or above, or
    2. English proficiency – equivalent to TOEFL iBT score of 61 or above 3. To be able to stay and engage in the program at TTI for 30 days or longer (including weekends).
  1. To submit to TTI a statement of strong motivation for research and studies (personal statement/motivation letter)
  2. To be nominated by home university as academically outstanding student
  3. To have interest in enrolling in the doctoral program or the master’s program at TTI in the future
  4. To not receive scholarship from home university or other organizations specifically for TTI research internship program
Intern Students’ Field of Study Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, Informatics, 
Electrical & Electronic Engineering 
- should be relevant to the research internship topic
Number of Students accepted by TTI One student per university
*The number may fluctuate depending on the availability of intern positions 
Tuition For Research Internship at TTI: Waived
TTI Scholarship  Fixed amount (sum of A and B) is granted to each intern student:
A) 2,630 JPY/day (from the first till the last day spent for internship activities at TTI, including weekends in between. Up to 90 days)
  - The amount is approximately equivalent to dormitory rent, energy bill, and meal expenses that an intern student is expected to require.
B) 50,000 JPY - to cover partial international travel fares
Accommodation Furnished dormitory provided by TTI for a fee (subject to availability). When filled, TTI will assist the search for suitable accommodation.
Insurance Medical/personal liability/international travel insurance to be purchased by intern students or their home university
TTI Evaluation  Research report in English at the end of the program
Selection Process
  1. TTI advertises possible intern positions to selected partner universities
  2. Students apply for intern positions at their home university
  3. Partner universities select eligible applicants, and nominate candidates to TTI 
    • TTI receives the complete set of application documents at this stage.
  4. TTI screens the nominated students based on motivation for research, relevant research/project experiences, English(and/or Japanese) proficiency, and academic standing, among others
    • TTI may ask the nominated students to take part in an online interview with the possible supervisor(s) at this stage.
  5. TTI announces the screening result to partner universities
  6. Selected students discuss with TTI supervisor(s) and fix internship period
By Feb 1 TTI advertises intern position(s) to partner universities
Feb – Mar Advertisement, student application, and selection at partner universities 
By mid Apr  Partner universities nominate students to TTI 
Early May TTI notifies the selection result to partner universities 
Mid May Selected students fix internship length and starting month
May – Jun Travel arrangements between intern students and TTI, including Certificate of Eligibility and visa application when applicable
Jul or later Start of internship
Virtual Teaching Not available at TTI
Agreement Required The program is executed based on the existing Memorandum of Understanding or Agreement between partner universities and TTI - No additional one required.
Other Conditions
  1. To participate in research internship at TTI, students are required to take COVID-19 measures imposed by the Japanese government.
  2. TTI may withdraw/postpone the offer for intern position(s) depending on
Required by TTI for Student Nomination
  1. Application Form - format specified by TTI
  2. Letter certifying students' enrolment to the applicant’s home university
  3. Recommendation letter written by the academic advisor or student selection committee chair (or the like) in the applicant’s home university. 
  4. Curriculum Vitae (and the list of research achievements if any)
  5. Academic transcript(s) in English
*All the transcripts including those of undergraduate course to the latest one available.
  1. Motivation Statement - format specified by TTI
  2. Copy of certificate of English/Japanese proficiency (if any)
  3. A letter from an academic staff or home institution certifying student’s NOT receiving any scholarship from home university or other organizations specifically for TTI research internship program - this letter does not need to be independently issued, if the fact is written on a recommendation letter (document #3).
Link of registration for HUST students :
Deadline for application (submission to HUST): 24/3/2023
Contact: Ms. Nguyễn Mai Chi |

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