Control Engineering - Automation and Power Systems

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Advanced Program in Automation and Control Engineering and Electrical Systems (conducted in English)

(Download the program cirriculum HERE)

This undergraduate program is built and developed according to the academic curriculum of the leading universities in United States of America in accordance with Vietnamese background and environment. Students can choose one of two engineering directions: Control and Automation Engineering or Electrical Power System.

Enrolling for the Advanced Program of Control and Automation Engineering - Electrical Power System, students are equipped with knowledge and know-hows in the domains of: Instrumentation and smart sensor systems, Industrial communication network systems, Programming techniques for microcontrollers, microprocessors, Traditional and modern control methods, Programming of industrial automatic production lines, Power electronic control and electric transmission, Robotic control techniques, Neural network technology and artificial intelligence (AI), Electrical grid and power system, Electrical protection and stability of electrical systems.

Teaching language: English

Admission code: EE-E8

Number of enrollments: 80 students

Combination of admission subjects:

  • Math - Physics - Chemistry

  • Math - Physics - English

(Main subject: Mathematics)

Entrance grade in previous years:

  • 2015: 25.50
  • 2016: 22.65
  • 2017: 26.25
  • 2018: 23.00

Achieved knowledge and skills after graduation


  • Managing and supervising technical and engineering projects;
  • Consulting, designing and developing automation systems, electrical power transmission and distribution system
  • Operation and maintenance of automatic production lines;
  • Integrating devices and equipment to set up control systems;
  • Design, manufacture and assess control and measurement devices;
  • Research and development of smart automatic devices and modern control systems;
  • Consulting design of renewable energy systems


  • Presenting, communicating and writing in English fluently;
  • Teamwork skill;
  • Time management skill;
  • Entrepreneurship skills;

Foreign Language:

  • Use English effectively in communication and working, get TOEIC score of 650 or higher.

Undergraduate and Graduate-integrated education duration:

  • Bachelor training: 4 years
  • Bachelor-Engineer integrated education: 5 years
  • Bachelor-Master integrated education: 5.5 years
  • Bachelor - Master - PhD integrated education: 8.5 years

Opportunities for scholarship and academic support:

In addition to the scholarship and financial support of Hanoi University of Technology, students  studying in Advanced Program in Control and Automation Engineering - Electrical Power System with the opportunity to receive the following types of scholarships:

  • Annual scholarships with a total value of about 500 million from national and international companies and corporations: ABB, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Fuji, Rockwell Automation,...
  • Support funding for internship at Foxconn, Coteccons, Samsung, EDH, EVN, ...
  • Scholarship when joining the Institute's research centers;
  • Financial support when participating in teaching assistants;
  • Foreign exchange student scholarships under the Programs: Erasmus, AUN/SEED-Net,...

Job opportunities:

  • 100% of students have a job after 1 year of graduation with an average salary of 12-15 million VND/month;

Typical job positions:

  • Design and operation engineers in domestic and foreign companies and industrial corporations in the fields of electrical energy, electrical equipment, automation;
  • Officers in foreign research centers, research institutes and universities cooperate with the School of Electrical Engineering;


School of Electrical Engineering

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