Hey HUSTers, NUS will be hosting their inaugural 2024 NUS Young Fellowship Program this June!

Thursday - 07/03/2024 03:28
We are thrilled to announce the launch of the NUS Young Fellowship Programme, a week-long summer initiative tailored for penultimate year undergraduates with a passion for graduate studies and a record of outstanding research achievements. This programme aims to enrich participants' experiences through collaboration, idea exchange, and a broadened perspective. Scholarships are available for HUST students.
Hey HUSTers, NUS will be hosting their inaugural 2024 NUS Young Fellowship Program this June!
The programme, scheduled for 24-28 June 2024, includes:

On-site Programme - 24-28 June 2024
A comprehensive week on NUS campus, featuring tours and insights into our advanced research facilities.
Exposure to pioneering research in fields such as AI, Deep Tech, Biomedical Engineering, Environment Sustainability, Social Sciences and more.
An exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the "Garden by the Bay", providing a unique perspective on its conceptualization, development, implementation, and daily operations.
Insightful presentations by NUS PhD students and alumni from a diverse range of fields and industries, offering inspiration and knowledge.
Interactive workshops focused on the practical use of Generative AI in research, equipping participants with invaluable hands-on experience.

Online Presentation - 4 weeks after the on-site programme
An Online Presentation session will follow four weeks post-programme, allowing participants to present their project insights, especially on the impact of Generative AI in research.

Each sponsored position for HUST students will provide the following advantages:
  • A one-time payment of S$800, disbursed upon successful completion of the programme
  • On-campus housing
  • All programme-related expenses
  • HUST students are requested to fill in this form and submit before 11:59 pm, 17.03.2024 (Vietnam time): LINK
  • The Department of Partnership and Engagement (HUST) will contact students who successfully applied for further verification (if needed)
Note: Nominated students should expect communication from NUS Graduate School regarding registration details. This will encompass information on online registration processes and submission requirements:
  • A personal curriculum vitae (CV), and
  • A reflective essay of no more than 1,000 words, addressing either: A research area of strong personal interest, including its anticipated development, or A current social issue or concern of significant personal relevance, along with individual insights on potential resolutions.
More details can be found at https://nusgs.nus.edu.sg/2024-nus-young-fellowship/.

  • Dr. Pham Hung Dung | Email: dung.phamhung@hust.edu.vn | Room: C1-212, HUST
  • Ms. Phuong Nguyen (Daisy) | Email: phuong.nguyenthi1@hust.edu.vn | Room: C1-212, HUST

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