Call for application: Graduate Long-term Student Exchange Program 2024-2025 in Niigata, Japan.

Tuesday - 26/03/2024 07:12
NIIGATA UNIVERSITY (Japan) in collaboration with four (4) universities from Mekong countries - ROYAL UNIVERSITY OF PHNOM PENH (Cambodia), NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF LAOS (Laos), CHULALONGKORN UNIVERSITY (Thailand), and HANOI UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (Vietnam) – has conducted “G-DORM Project” which has some student exchange programs aiming to develop global SciTech leaders capable of solving regional revitalization issues from an integrative standpoint.

1. Period of Program: one year
-     From September 24, 2024 (Arrival at Niigata) to September 23, 2025
*NOTE: Exact date may be changed, depending on the visa issuance and/or conditions of accommodations.

2. Requirements for Applicants
-     Graduate Students at HUST: Master and Doctoral Programs
-    Currently enrolled as a degree-seeking student in the partner university and must maintain his/her student status at the home university during the entire period of the program. (Students who will have graduated from partner universities by the end of the Program at Niigata University are NOT eligible.)
-     Have good academic records which is equal to or more than 2.30 points by the designated calculation formula* of the scholarship organization (JASSO). *See the article 3 below.
-     Have enough ability to speak, listen, read and write English.
-     Be able to get passport and visa (The participant MUST apply to their passport and visa by his/herself).
-     Have positive manner to participate in all activities and discussions.
-     Promise to submit reports and other required documents by the due date.
-     Obtain consent by parent or your guarantor on your participation of this program.
-     Consider Japanese custom during their stay in Japan.

3. Scholarship by JASSO (Japan Students Services Organization)
-     The participant of this program is entitled to apply for a scholarship provided by JASSO (Japan Students Services Organization). The participant who meets certain requirements, for example who has satisfactory school records*, can be provided monthly maximum 80,000 Japanese yen by the participation of this program. This amount supports the payment for the expenses which shall be paid by the participant mentioned in the article of 5). It can be continuously provided up to twelve (12) months.
-     A student who is willing to apply for the scholarship by JASSO must submit required documents to Niigata University. Please note that a student who misses the submission deadline may not receive the scholarship. For students who want to know if they are eligible to apply, the detailed information on the application of the JASSO scholarship is available at the person in charge mentioned in the article of 14.
-     The student who gets the scholarship should have responsibilities to submit reports and questionnaires to JASSO through Niigata University.
* One of the requirements is to have academic records which is equal to or more than 2.30 points by the designated calculation formula shown below.

4. Study Activities in Program
The long-term program is mainly composed of two courses – required courses and elective courses. The required courses are group work (GW) internships cumulatively for two months. The GW internships are project-based learning (PBL) conducted at some industrial companies in Niigata, aiming to identify, analyze, and resolve issues relating to the international roles of corporate activity. One of the elective courses is lab work (study-project-research) considering fields of the student’s specialization. Besides, the participating students can take specialized lectures (lectures related to their major, etc.) and cross-cultural studies (Japanese language and Japanese culture courses, collaborative learning courses on global issues in science and engineering, etc.) as elective courses. For the completion of this program, the participating student shall get four credits or more of the required courses and four credits or more of elective courses.

5. Expenses for Participation
Any expense such as below shall be paid by the participants.
1)   Flight ticket (a round trip)
2)   Living expenses*1.
Most of the living expenses can be covered by the scholarship which is provided by JASSO (Please refer to the article 3).
-     Transportation fee in your home country.
-     Fee for transportation services in Japan.
-     Any costs for the issuance of passport and visa.
-     Accommodation charge*1.
-     Actual utility charges.
-     Meals.
-     Insurance.
-     Fee for optional tours, souvenirs, etc.
*1: For more details of living expense, please refer to the following website:
*2: As a rough standard of accommodation charges, for reference, in case that the participant stays at the Co-op Leased Apartments, the room fee will be about 25,000 to 45,000 Japanese yen per month. Besides, as initial fees, 13,000 Japanese yen for futon (bedding) rental fee and 23,500 Japanese yen for personal liability insurance and rent guarantee commission fee etc. will be also required. For the information regarding the accommodations, please refer to the article 6 below.

6. Accommodations (Student housing)
The participants of the program will study at Ikarashi Campus, and will be eligible to apply via online for an apartment room (single room) in the neighboring areas of Ikarashi Campus before coming to Japan through a service called “Co-op Leased Apartments Supported by Niigata University.” Students may select a room according to their preference, and a monthly rent will vary by rooms. Detailed application procedures will be announced after students are accepted to the program. Visit the following website for further information on “Co-op Leased Apartments Supported by NU.”
※ Exchange students are not allowed to live in accommodation or apartment rooms other than those provided by “Co-op Leased Apartments Supported by NU.”
※ Students will be responsible for paying initial fees, monthly rent, and utility fees.
※ All available rooms are for a single resident. Students are not allowed to live with another person.
※ Students are not allowed to move (change the room) during the program.
※ Once a move-in application is approved, NU Co-op will start preparing a room. Should a student cancel a room after his/her application is approved, the cost of preparing a room must be borne by the student.

7. Certificate
-     A certificate will be provided by Niigata University to the student who completes all this program.

8. Required Documents for Application
(0) Register at the following Link: (deadline 13/4/2024)
If you are selected, you will be informed by 15/4/2024, then you have to prepare the following application documents by 21/4/2024. Please download HERE.
(1) Application Form (Use the attached form)
(2) Attachments of the application form as below;
1. CV (Use the attached form)
* NOTE: All the students shall answer to all questions in the designated CV form.
2. Personal Statement (Use the attached form) * Please fill out the form by typing in Word file.
3. Interview Sheet (Use the attached form) * Please fill out the form by typing in Word file.
4. Written Pledge (Use the attached form)
5. Certificate of Health (Use the attached form)
6. Certificate of Enrollment (Original. It is a document issued by your university to certify the
registration as a regular student of the university)
7. Academic Transcript (Original)
8. Letter of Recommendation from the Dean of your University (Original)
 Graduate Students: Address the letter to the “Dean of the Graduate School of
Science and Technology, Niigata University”
9. Face Photo Image Data (JPEG. Passport size. A face-to-shoulder colored photo (full front
face, without headwear, white background)
10. Photocopy of Passport (Be sure to check the expiration date)
11. Photocopy of English Scores (TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.)
12. Application for Certificate of Eligibility (Use the attached form)
13. Agreement on The Use of Personal Information (Use the attached form)

9. How to apply:
Step 1: Fill in the form before 13/4/2024:
Step 2: If you are in the selected shortlist, Send all completed documents to Ms, Mai Chi, Dept of Partnership and Engagement -HUST, Room 212-C1 by 21/4/2024 (; 0968566369).

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