MOU Signing Ceremony Between HUST And HYWG Konstanz (Germany)

Tuesday - 20/06/2023 04:17
Through cooperation signing with foreign university partners, HUST commits to establish a professional, international and multi-cultural learning environment, where HUST students are educated to become global citizens in the future.

HUST and HTWG Konstanz officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding on May 17 and agreed to cooperate comprehensively in training and research, especially in student exchange.  

“Internationalization is a key strategy of HUST to build an international academic environment for our students and staff. One of our internationalization strategies is to promote student and staff exchange, to attract excellent scholars, researchers, and students from all over the world to work and study at HUST through research collaboration and exchange activities”, shared by Assoc. Prof. Huynh Quyet Thang – HUST President.
Assoc. Huynh Quyet Thang, HUST President delivered a welcome address at the cooperation signing ceremony

According to the MoU, the two universities concurred to strengthen collaboration activities on student exchange, training program development for faculty and staff, and academic exchange through joint research projects, joint workshops or conferences. In particular, the two universities agreed to accept students and graduated students with up to one academic year exchange period.

Prof. Sabine Rein, HTWG Konstanz’s President, stated that building relationships between universities is very important in increasing students' awareness of global issues and educating students’ necessary skills and knowledge to ready for work in the future.
Prof. Sabine Rein, Rector of HTWG Konstanz at the ceremony

Since 2019, HTWG Konstanz has become one of the university partners of HUST in student exchange. In the Fall semester 2022, there were 4 students from HTWG Konstanz who came for one-semester exchange at HUST. Prof. Sabine Rein gladly shared that the previous exchange students gave very positive feedback about their experiences in Vietnam. HTWG Konstanz will continue to send German students to HUST in the coming Fall semester 2023.

Photo group and gift exchange

Besides, international cooperation in research will bring researchers together to find solutions for hardly-resolved problems that each country is facing. “Let's strengthen our relationship with student exchange and research collaboration, especially focusing on sustainable development topics” said the President of the HTWG Konstanz at the Signing Ceremony.

HUST is the piloting unit in university model transformation in Vietnam. “University autonomy will bring many opportunities for international cooperation, especially when autonomous universities are adjusting their education methods to practical orientation. I believe that the future of Vietnam in the next few years will be on par with the great powers in terms of research”, stated by Mr. Stefan Hase-Bergen, Chief Representative of DAAD Office.

HUST is a pioneer in innovation, digital transformation and green transformation. Currently, HUST has implemented a numerous of "green" projects, such as the project of "Innovation in  natural rubber science and technology for the global carbon cycle", funded by Japanese government, or "Disaster reduction and net zero emissions Project” funded by British Council, “Offshore Wind Industry Promotion” project cooperated with Ørsted Wind Power Company (Denmark), or “Zinc battery technology development project”, …These projects have been demonstrating HUST's commitment in its contribution to the national goal of the net-zero CO2 emissions achievements by 2050.


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