POSCO TJ Foundation Awarded Scholarship To Hust Students

Monday - 13/11/2023 04:44
The POSCO TJ Park Scholarship has been awarded to 10 excellent students of HUST, acknowledging their outstanding academic accomplishments and exemplary training. Each scholarship is valued at $1,000 USD.
Representatives of POSCO TJ Park took photos with scholarship awardees at HUST
Representatives of POSCO TJ Park took photos with scholarship awardees at HUST
The scholarship awarding ceremony, sponsored by the POSCO TJ Park Foundation for students at Hanoi University of Science and Technology, took place on November 9th. The scholarships were conferred upon 10 students with remarkable academic records and training, in accordance with the sponsorship agreement between HUST and POSCO TJ Park Foundation with a total value of nearly 250 million Vietnamese dong. This signifies the fourth consecutive year that students from HUST have received scholarships from the POSCO TJ Park Foundation.

During the ceremony, Prof. Huynh Quyet Thang, HUST President expressed the gratitude for the POSCO TJ Park's contributions to the success of the scholarship program and the encouragement extended to students of HUST over the past few years.
Prof. Huynh Quyet Thang (left), HUST President, presents a souvenir to Mrs. Kim Sun Uk, Chairwoman of the POSCO TJ Park Foundation.
Mrs. Kim Sun Uk, Chairwoman of the POSCO TJ Park Foundation, affirms that Hanoi University of Science and Technology, as the first comprehensive science and technology university, has been at the forefront of nurturing global talents in the field of science and technology since its establishment in 1956. “I am delighted to meet students from this prestigious institution, which I am proud to consider your alma mater” Mrs. Kim shared at the Ceremony.

According to the agreement between POSCO Vietnam and the POSCO TJ PARK Foundation, 10 scholarships have been awarded annually to outstanding students at Hanoi University of Science and Technology since 2019. The scholarship eligibility criteria include a GPA of 3.0 or above, with a minimum registration of 12 credits in every semester. POSCO Corporation's scholarship program prioritizes female students and those majoring in Materials Engineering.

Representing the scholarship recipients, Lam Khanh Ngoc, a student from School of Materials Science and Engineering, expressed, "This scholarship provides me with opportunities and encouragement to strive for excellence in academics, research, and to accumulate skills to serve the scientific community after graduation."
Sharing by Ms. Lam Khanh Ngoc, student of School of Materials Science and Engineering 
on behalf of scholarship awardees
For Khanh Ngoc, the POSCO Asia Fellowship program marks a significant milestone in her academic and research career in Material Engineering. "This is just the beginning. I need to put in more effort in material science research, which is my passion" she expressed. Khanh Ngoc hopes that her passion for material science and technology will not only contribute to Vietnam but also bring about changes to the world.

Students who receive the POSCO Asia Fellowship will be eligible to apply for the Global ESG Junior Leader Fellowship, providing them with the opportunity to visit the POSCO Corporation and POSTECH University in South Korea. Last year, two students from Hanoi University of Science and Technology excellently surpassed many students globally to be awarded this fellowship.

In the span of more than 30 years of diplomatic relations, the partnership between Vietnam and South Korea has witnessed significant advancements, progressing from Comprehensive Partners in 2001 to Strategic Partners in 2009, culminating in Comprehensive Strategic Partners in 2022.

By 2021, the trade volume had surged to around $80.7 billion, solidifying South Korea as Vietnam's third-largest trading partner. This economic collaboration has left a considerable impact on the education sector. As of June 2023, according to data from the Ministry of Planning and Investment, South Korea leads the way among 143 countries and territories participating in investment and business activities in Vietnam. The robust collaboration between Vietnam and South Korea extends beyond economic ties, encompassing culture, sports, and various other domains.

Recently, HUST President Prof. Huynh Quyet Thang led a delegation from HUST to visit  South Korea from October 30 to November 3 to promote cooperation in training, scientific research, and technology transfer with Korean Academic and Industrial Partners. Currently, HUST has forged partnerships with many South Korean technology corporation including Samsung, LG Electronics, SK Telecom, in areas such as joint research and training, technology transfer, internships, job opportunities, and scholarships. Prof. Huynh Quyet Thang affirmed, "We highly value the cooperation and supports from our industry partners in South Korea, including POSCO Vietnam."

POSCO, a South Korean steel manufacturing company headquartered in Pohang, Korea, first ventured into Vietnam in 1992. Over the past three decades, the Phu My plant in Southern Vietnam has evolved into the largest cold-rolled steel plant in the Southeast Asia. POSCO Vietnam actively contributes to the production of construction materials and steel products for automobiles and equipment, playing a pivotal role in fostering Vietnam's economic growth.

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