HUST cooperates with companies for green environment

Friday - 25/03/2022 22:45

On 25th March, the School of Mechanical Engineering (SME), HUST received a grant of devices from Viet Nam Petrochemistry Trading and Investment Joint Stock Company (VNPETRO) for training and practices in Transportation Engineering.

At the signing ceremony, Assoc. Prof Truong Hoanh Son, Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering expressed his desire to develop cooperation between SME and VNPETRO. This grant was regarded as an impetus for SME to improve training quality, combine training with practice, experiential learning and increase/create students’ success.

Assoc. Prof. Truong Hoanh Son, Dean of SME, presented at the meeting

The Dean of SME believes that this grant would make a significant contribution to the success of curricula, encourage students to pursue endeavors, and advance the training quality of experts in Transportation Engineering in general and Automotive Engineering in particular.

Mr. Pham Anh Tuan, CEO of VNPETRO emphasized that sustainable development was a superior purpose that VNPETRO has been pursuing. This purpose has fostered VNPETRO to initiate a cooperation with SME, HUST.

Mr. Tuan believed that SME, HUST is the top university in mechanical engineering, trained many generations of leaders in the top entrepreneurs in various industries including Viet Nam automobile industry.

Mr. Pham Anh Tuan, CEO of VNPETRO presented at the meeting

HUST will cooperate with VNPETRO in the Project: ‘Supporting SME students to approach environmental-friendly technologies”. The Project is matching to VNPETRO’s objective: to be friendly to the environment, and diminish harmful effects on health, soil, water, and air qualities.

VNPETRO Company has supported equipment in auto repair and maintenance with technologies that are environmentally friendly, diminishing harmful effects on health, soil, water, and air qualities:

  1. The engine care and maintenance equipment system cleans the combustion chamber, fuel system, lubrication system, and cooling water system with modern technology to help maintain the engine's performance and reduce emissions. In addition, the system allows closed control of liquid wastes during car maintenance, ensuring no harm to the environment.
  2. Polyvance plastic welding equipment with digital coding technology for precise control of nitrogen temperature and airless welding machine ensures weld quality and minimizes toxic gas emissions directly harmful to machine operators.


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