HUST annual report 2020

Monday - 30/08/2021 17:26

The year 2020 marked the success of important events such as the 30th Party Congress of the University, the election of the University Council, and the Board of Management for the term 2020-2025. Crucial goals, targets, and projects to be achieved by 2025 have been outlined, serving as the foundation and guideline for the revision of the development strategy in the period of 2017-2025 and onwards.

Covid-19 pandemic has caused our university staff, lecturers, and students unprecedented experiences. However, such experiences have emphasized our resilience of working towards achieving our key goals and objectives. The outstanding figures and events of 2020 presented in this report will attest great efforts of the entire political system of the university, of the faculty members and students while reflecting tremendous support from other stakeholders.

Our university has thrived on its position, prestige, and influence in the country and in the region. These achievements are exemplified by our top enrollment results, the high graduate employment rate, and an increased number of publications in high ranking journals. Moreover, the well establishment and implementation of the regulations on autonomy and accountability and strategic investments in learning environment, research, and innovation greatly support the university to achieve significiant success.

University autonomy goes hand in hand with transparent accountability. This transparency is reflected through our legal documents, the participation of internal and external stakeholders in the University Council, the Annual Report – a showcase of our responsibility for public and transparent governance activities throughout the year. The Annual Report also functions as the foundation for developing and adjusting the future development plans and strategies.

This Annual Report is our very first edition. The University Council and the Board of Management look forward to receiving suggestions from staff members, lecturers, students, alumni, the Ministry of Education and Training, and the whole society for our constant improvement.

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