German experts provide technical training for Hanoi University of Science and Technology students

Tuesday - 03/07/2018 16:23

June 13, 2018. Nearly 100 students from the School of Textile, Leather and Fashion, Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) attended the Introduction Session of DIHK-Standard Dual-Training Program at the office of vanLaack Asia Company. This program rolls out under agreement between HUST and vanLaack Asia Company.

Participating in this Program, textile students will spend a half amount of time studying in HUST and the other half joining the training sessions guided by lecturers, experts from Vietnam and Germany. The off-school sessions will provide students with  soft-skill training (foreign languages, information technology, teamwork, etc.), and specialized technical skill. So that, HUST students will acquire practical skills during the school time.  This training program has been developed  based  on the German dual-training craftsmanship system  - a model with more than 800 years of history and has been bringing effectiveness for a strong economy in Europe.

The purpose of the Program is to provide professional practicing skills to 100 students from Textile Technology Department, divided into two courses, 18-month each and 50 students every single enrollment.  

During the course, students will have opportunities to study and exchange knowledge, to enhance practical and management skills, to work with advanced technology and to get familiar with professional environment. The students will not have to pay any extra money in addition to the HUST's standard tuition fee. After completing the course, they will take part in an assessment exam and will be granted a German recognized degree, which is certified by AHK/DIHK. They will also have chance to be recruited by van Laack after graduation.

According to Ms. Kim Thu Huong, Chief Executive Officer of van Laack Asia Vietnam, the training course will help the graduates to meet with company’s requirement. Students can study theoretical knowledege at the university and practical experiences in van Laack Asia Company. She also stated, to enroll the program, students should prepare for experiencing, changing the old thinking way, actively improving language as well as other skills.

“With the trend of globalization, not only do graduates commit to the standard of Vietnam, but also adapt to the international ones. Hence, during the school years, students need to be trained under advanced models satisfying both domestic and international benchmarks. The collaboration with van Laack Company is very significant for achieving this goal and help to provide career opportunities for students and to accomplishe company’s demands. Joining the program, students will be awarded a certificate from the Association of German Chambers of Industry AHK/DIHK, and will be able to work not only for Germany’s companies but also in other enterprises around the world”, said Assoc. Prof. Phan Thanh Thao – Dean of School of Textile, Leather and Fashion, HUST.

During the introduction session, Assoc. Prof. Phan Thanh Thao, Ms. Kim Thu Huong and Ms. Nguyen Bich Van – Head of Education and Training, AHK Academy had introduced, advised and answered to students about this program.


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