HUST students win 2020 collegiate innovation contest

Sunday - 25/07/2021 22:54

The annual innovation competition held by Hanoi University of Science and Technology recognizes undergraduate teams who have invented solutions in different prize categories that represent significant sectors such as transportation, education, environment, agriculture, and healthcare. 


The final round of the "Bach Khoa Young Innovation 2020" took place at HUST on March 27th. BK307 team with the project "Research on the application of infrared waves in early warning of medical infusion bottles" was the winner.


BK307 team, School of Mechanical Engineering, HUST, has demonstrated their youth creation by applying knowledge and new technology to create a product aimed at serving the community. 


The device can measure, control infusion rate and warn medical workers when the liquid in infusion bottles runs out. This device has a high potential to develop due to the advantages of compactness, simple installation, and available wifi connection and system management.


“Covid-19 has exacerbated the ongoing shortage of health workers. Therefore, BK307 team has come up with the idea of ​​producing an infusion monitoring product to reduce the workload for medical workers, patients, and patient's families,” team leader Nguyen Van Ha said. 

BK 307 team makes a presentation on “Research on the application of infrared waves in early warning of medical infusion bottles" project at "Bach Khoa Young Innovation 2020" contest at HUST, in February 2021 (Photo by Thanh Nien News).


It took about one year to complete this project with many new and innovative features. The device in a room, a floor, an area can be linked together, receiving signals from the microprocessor via wifi, through the technology of Message Queuing Telemetry Transport protocol then displayed on the computer screen in the duty room via monitoring software and built-in database.


As a result, the supervisor is able to manage the list of patients, the type of solution being infused, the infusion rate, the number of bottles to be infused, the number of changed bottles… That information can be exchanged and monitored from various peripheral devices.


The device will display the infusion rate and predict the time when the bottle runs out to warn the doctor about changing the infusion bottle. These advantages may allow doctors and nurses to care for multiple patients at the same time, save time and effort, and ensure patient safety.


“The system uses infrared radiation to identify and calculate each drop of the solution in the infusion bottles. Using optical light prevents  the instrument from direct contact with the solution, helps equipment work stably, and increases the device’s working life,” 

Trieu Van Duc, a member of the team, added.


BK 307 product won Bach khoa Young Innovation 2020 (Photo by Gia Lai News).

Most of the infusion pumps in Vietnamese hospitals must be imported at the cost of between 15 and 50 million VND (US$650 - US$2,200). Therefore, the machines are not widely used in many hospitals as well as medical facilities in the country.


On the contrary, the product developed by BK307 team has a much lower price, around 1.5 million VND or US$65. In particular, the machine is small and compact in size (12x10cm, weighed 200g), and easy to transport, install and operate. 


Moreover, the product would be suitable for different conditions. It can connect with numerous smart devices, save energy, and be friendly to the environment.


HUST’s Vice President Huynh Dang Chinh said that this project could be expanded further towards a more in-depth direction for practical application and commercialization.


We all can see that this smart health management application promises to have potential development in the future. This product can participate in a myriad of further science contests at a high level if it has good support from professors, the Vice President said. 


Reporting by Thu Hang

Translating by Tran Trang

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