Visit of Mr. Hiroshi Hase, Japanese Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) to HUST

Thursday - 17/11/2016 14:22

Visit of Mr. Hiroshi Hase, Japanese Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) to HUST

With the purpose to strengthen Japan – Vietnam Cooperation on Education, Science and Technology, Japanese Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Mr. Hiroshi Hase did pay a working visit to Vietnam from May 3rd to May 5th 2016. During that time, he also visited and had a meeting with President of Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) on May 3rd 2016.
At the meeting, prof. Hoang Minh Son, HUST President said that, over recent years, HUST has paid a great attention to promote international cooperation activities, and regarded those as strategic solutions to HUST’s sustainable and long term development, in order to well implement the training and research tasks, satisfy economical and social development, match international integration trend. In this context, HUST and Japanese partners have been building and developing close relationship, gaining remarkable achievements. In particular, thank to ODA capital support from Japanese government, financial support from JICA, matching fund from Vietnamese government, HEDSPI Project has been effectively implementing at HUST since 2006, with more than 500 graduated engineers in ICT field; strong researching teams have been built from ESCANBER Project (in collaboration with Nagaoka University of Technology); and an environmental training and research Project between HUST and Kyoto University has been well conducting..etc.  
HUST President Hoang Minh Son welcomed Minister Hiroshi Hase 
Prof. Hoang Minh Son also stressed that, besides high qualified manpower training and supplying tasks, HUST desired to maintain its leading position within Vietnamese educational and training system. To do so, HUST would focus to develop international cooperation, especially with European and Japanese partners. He confirmed that HUST would make full use of the supports from Japanese government, corporations, and institutions in order to meet human resource demand of industry, as well as to deal with emerging issues such as environment pollution, climate changing…within the region and in the world.
Minister Hiroshi Hase visited ESCANBER Project Office at HUST
At the meeting, Minister Hiroshi Hase informed HUST about Japanese Government 5 years Strategic Plan to develop science and technology with budget up to 26.000 billion Yen, focusing on some fields, such as: ICT, medicine…. In which, scientific research and training play an important role, especially undergraduate and graduate training promotion with five important components: cooperation with Industry; cooperation and competition with universities; collaboration with local government; promotion of international cooperation, especially acceptance of foreign students; cooperation with financial and credit agency.
Besides, Minister Hiroshi Hase also stressed that, Japanese government would like to bring to Vietnam prominent scientific achievements, such as super computer, cancer treatment using radiation therapy, satellite and missilery technologies etc. Japanese government would cooperate with universities and research institutions to commercialize and apply scientific and technological results in Vietnam.
Minister Hiroshi Hase visited HUST - Kyoto University Project Office at HUST
Prof. Hoang Minh Son expressed his delight at good news Minister Hiroshi Hase shared and expected that this would be a great opportunity for his colleagues at HUST to reinforce collaboration with leading technological universities and companies in Japan.  
During his visit, Minister Hiroshi Hase and the delegation also visited ESCANBER Project Officeand HUST - Kyoto University Project Office at HUST  


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